Stats: Male, mid 30s, Midwesterner, Sarah Lawrence grad, librarian, collector, writer, contra dancer, cat owner.

What you'll find here is a distillation of what I've observed (mostly) while reading.

On the blog, you'll see links for:


What I've read, and how I've felt about it.

Classic Reads!
Anything written/published before circa 1960.

Modern Reads!
Anything written/published after circa 1960.

Posts on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer writers and subjects.

Posts on science fiction, fantasy, dystopian/apocalyptic fiction, and alternate history and speculative fiction.

Posts on espionage fiction, spies, secret agents, detectives, and mysteries.

Posts about nonfiction books, especially history, science, and literary criticism.

Posts about libraries, librarianship, books as objects/art, archives, and book collecting.

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